June 22 | Jennifer Ruth Jackson


“Regardless of what you see and hear… this is a trick!” Marco the Magnificent said, smiling down at his wife and assistant Marjorie.

The crowd waited as he banged on the rectangle encapsulating her, donned goggles, and gave her a soft kiss.  Turning back, he picked up a chainsaw and brought it to life in roaring glory.  He touched it to the box, watching as rapt as the audience as it ate a hole—wider and wider—as it moved.

No one attending really thought anything was wrong when Marco started a vertical (instead of horizontal) cut.  A few gasps were drowned out as Marjorie’s shrieks competed with the chainsaw’s grind.  The first row even shrank back when the red mist flew.

But, it wasn’t until Marco dropped the weapon and disappeared that anyone realized what kind of trick it was.